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Teenager - Courses from 12 years old.


Minimum age: 6 years Beginner level - Basic (A1) - 2 Modules

➥ Tew course TEENS uses activities with themes aimed at the interest of the adolescent audience with wide vocabulary and grammatical structures specific to each module.
➥ Audio and video materials enrich the content presented with games and diverse activities that reflect the experiences and experiments experienced by adolescents today.

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Top Teens

Minimum age: 12 years
Beginner level - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 3 modules

➥The course TOP TEENS enables the student to improve the grammatical knowledge already acquired and enables him to converse with more elaborate structures.
➥ The course brings English learning to real life with current topics and issues that are part of the teenager's daily life, including activities that involve problem solving and real communication situations. It also helps you to make meaningful connections between what you are studying and what you are experiencing, providing the language and tools needed to communicate effectively in different situations and cultures.

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Teens Senior

Minimum age: 10 years
Beginner level: Beginner - Intermediate (B1) - 3 modules

➥ The course TEENS SENIOR presents more complex grammatical structures, in a progressive way, and stimulates conversation.
➥ With a wide range of digital audio and video material, including documentaries, and also with strong support for grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation practice in each class, the student has a solid foundation to practice conversation successfully. It also brings interesting texts and contemporary themes that motivate the student, as well as activities and exercises that practice the language in a context that is relevant to their daily lives.

➥ Upon finishing Teens Senior 3, the student will be able to join Upper-Intermediate 1 (adult).

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