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➥ Our core English courses broadly develop the four language skills (listening, conversation, reading and writing) and prepare the student to communicate in English in the various situations of everyday life.
➥ With the program “English only”, the student is encouraged from the first class to communicate using the English language, reinforcing the use of important tools such as listening (listening) and speaking (conversation) and enriching the vocabulary from the most basic level.
➥ União Cultural offers fundamental courses with didactic material and teaching strategy appropriate for different age groups. The visual presentation and the themes covered in the books and support materials seek to arouse the interest of children, teenagers and adults.
➥ Classes are planned to create a learning environment in which teachers and students build bonds and live positive experiences of cultural enrichment. Upon successfully completing the increasingly challenging activities, the student has a continuous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which makes learning English captivating and motivating.


➥ Our methodology is based on the Communicative Approach, a method in which the 4 language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are worked in a natural and progressive way.
➥ The grammatical structures are presented to the student, who will practice them with teacher monitoring and then use them, with flexibility and creativity, in his own experiences while interacting with classmates. In this way, he progressively acquires security and autonomy to maintain a conversation in English.

Placement test:

➥ All those interested in studying at União Cultural take a placement test before enrollment. With the test it is possible to identify the student's proficiency level in relation to CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and thus offer the course that best matches your needs, classes and available times. This assessment also allows the student to visualize his current level of knowledge, language and level you want to reach, according to your goals.


➥ The test is applied by one of our teachers and, during individual and personalized service, the student has the opportunity to ask questions about the school's methodology and didactic material.
➥ If the teacher identifies that the student has some difficulty in the grammatical part of the subjects covered in class, he can refer him to one or more GOAL sessions, for grammatical reinforcement. This is a opportunity to overcome difficulties with the help of a teacher, in an individual service, and with complementary activities.

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