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Children - Courses from 6 years of age.


Minimum age: 6 years (since attending the 1st year of elementary school)
Beginner level - 2 modules

➥ The course KIDS focuses on the development of oral skills (listening and speaking) through games and varied activities such as stories, music, games, songs and rhymes.
➥ The student learns English with the help of games and physical activities that provide a dynamic and fun learning experience. The child starts to use the language with confidence, through listening and speaking, before being literate.
➥ The course features a wide range of support materials for teachers, including DVDs with fun stories and cartoons, presenting vocabulary in a fun and motivating way. It also uses story cards and flashcards (cards and illustrative figures), which help the child to memorize what he has learned.

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Minimum age: 8 years
Beginner level - 3 module

➥ The course CHILDREN aims at the development of oral skills (listening and speaking) and progressively introduces writing skills (reading and writing) through songs, images and other tools.
➥ Activities are developed that encourage collaboration between students and communication in English, making grammar and vocabulary practiced in a natural and recreational way with the use of music to improve listening and pronunciation skills. The goal is to make the student learn and have fun at the same time, Flashcards (illustrative figures) and animations are also used to bring the language to life and contribute to memorization.

Upon finishing this course, the student will be able to enter the Juniors 1 module.

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Minimum age: 10 years
Level: Beginner - 2 modules

➥ The course JUNIORS develops the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through the use of educational material suitable for the age group, designed to teach children how to apply the English language effectively and preparing them to become successful global citizens successful.
➥ The student learns English in a communicative way with images, which encourage him to explore incredible places and fascinating cultures from around the world. The course content offers the student interdisciplinary practice with other areas such as mathematics and science, in addition to the development of critical thinking skills regarding global issues.

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Minimum age: 10 years
Level: Basic (A1) to Pre-Intermediate (A2)

➥The course PRE-TEENS exposes the student to progressive learning of more complex grammatical structures, and to a more specific vocabulary variation to be used in different situations.
➥The course has an educational plan that includes four scenarios: people and places, the natural world, history and culture, and science and education. Through images, videos and texts, the student is encouraged to develop the language to communicate effectively in the real world, in addition to providing an understanding and appreciation of other countries and their cultures.

Upon completing Pre-Teens 4, the student will be able to join Top Teens 3.

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