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Minimum age:   15 years
Level: Basic (A1)   - 2 modules

➥ The course BASIC introduces the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and is aimed at students with little or no knowledge of English. In it, the student will be constantly encouraged to use English from the first class, to gradually acquire the vocabulary and knowledge of the simplest grammatical structures, in addition to breaking the learning barrier that beginners normally face.

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Level: Pre-Intermediate (A2) - 3 modules

➥ The course PRE-INTERMEDIATE Focused on expanding key concepts for beginners, this course offers more challenging activities, rigorous review and an amplification of fundamental fundamentals.

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Level: Intermediate (B1)   - 3 modules

➥The course INTERMEDIATE enables the student to improve the use of the English language, in situations of professional and personal life, through the learning of more complex grammatical structures and richer and more specific vocabulary.

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Upper Intermediate

Level: Post-intermediate(B2)   - 2 modules

➥ The course UPPER INTERMEDIATE Offering an integrated set of skills for global communication, this course takes the student to the next level of accuracy, fluency and academic skills. Class-by-class progress motivates the student and provides confidence in conversations and discussions, making them express themselves fluently and accurately in speech and writing.

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Level: Avançado (C1)   - 2 modules

➥ The course ADVANCED helps students to continue their evolution in language learning through a balanced development of fluency and precision, offering an exclusive conversation program and ample opportunities for discussion, debate, presentations and projects, as well as contextualized grammar review, expansion and practice.

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